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Women Smiling at Your Erection at the Nude Beach

Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:06 pm

"I have seen many men with erections at nude beaches. I laugh to myself when it happens. The look on the guys face is priceless. I love it when we are chatting away, and he starts to get stiff. The more he tries to keep it from happening, the harder his cock gets! LOL. When it does happen I like to think it's because I'm so HOT! so it's very cool if it's a nice guy and then I quite like it that he's becoming erect."


"For me, I am flattered when a guy has an erection at the nude beach - especially if he is looking at me or talking with me. I take it as a compliment that he finds me attractive. On several occasions I've met a guy at a nude beach who wasn't erect, but after chatting for a while, I'd steer the conversation to the issue of erections and guess what? He'd get erect. Mission Accomplished! "


Do you ever wonder whether the women who are slyly glancing at your penis are trying to get you hard?
It's not your imagination. I have spoken with some women who have told me it's fun to see a guy with an erection.

I was at the nude beach in V******* this past summer. Lots of young women hanging out in groups. I found a sort of alcove blocked by some driftwood logs and set up my towel and refreshments next to two attractive women who were taking a nap. One of them had her legs slightly spread and this, combined with my sense of nakedness and the gentle breeze (LOL) was having a predictable effect. I sat up cross legged to hide my excitement, and after about 10 minutes I figured I was calm enough to head down to the water (about half a kilometer away) for a swim, which should also help the "problem".

But down by the seashore was group of 4 gorgeous women, cavorting in the water, posing on the sand, wiggling around, looking over their shoulder at the camera.

They were teasing each other and of course, me. I stepped back a few metres and sat down to xxx, waiting for my hardon to subside. I was so embarrased! Of course, this made my erection even harder. The 4 women, and one "innocent" bystander ] were very interested in my predicament! I prayed for my cock to relax, but it could have etched diamond. And my towel was half a klick away!

After ten minutes, I realized that my cock was never going to wilt, so I was steeling myself up (LOL) for what was going to be the hardest walk of my life. The embarrassment alone was extremely arousing, so I made my way back to the alcove, my cock bouncing in front of me, pointing the way.

My cock was glistening with pre-cum as I approached my towel, and my neighbors eyes were locked on my bobbing erection. They both had little wry smiles, and one of them winked at me. My face was a red as my... OK, it was red! I was so excited that I decided to break a taboo, and started to run my fingers up and down my shaft, as the prelude to masturbation. The women whispered to each other, and then they faced me, spread their legs and put on a show, smiling as I stroked my rigid penis! Within a minute I arched my back, groaned, and spurted rope after rope of cum. God it felt good! The women were grinning from ear to ear.
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Women Smiling at Your Erection at the Nude Beach

Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:08 pm

wow..that is something new kind of erotica literature....a brand new style of writing...Pl keep it up
Member: SandraGOODWIN
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Women Smiling at Your Erection at the Nude Beach

Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:10 pm

well it beats what they do when they see me, point and giggle
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Women Smiling at Your Erection at the Nude Beach

Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:11 pm

Don't turn around. Don't turn around. Don't.... Oh oh. I was following two pretty girls down to the beach, and knew they aware of me because I saw one whisper to the other, and then their walk became sort of exagerated. You know what I mean, when they know they are being watched and want to throw off some sexy energy. It was working, and much too well, I thought. They both glanced down at my telegraphic friend, and seemed to be quite delighted.

"Oooh," said the one on the right, stroking a handy branch and smiling. "You won't be able to swim very fast like that!"

"Relax," said the one on the left. "We don't mind, it's flattering, actually."

We introduced ourselves, and continued walking along, talking about this and that. I honestly can't remember any of the subjects that came up, except one. Since my penis kept bobbing along in front of us, obviously the topic of erections came up.

"I like seeing men with erections," said D**** (the one on the right). "It actually doesn't happen very often, which is why it's such fun when it does. So thanks!"

Every time the "e" word came up, it was like an injection of live butterflies into my stomach. God, I was truly a man of steel!

I asked them whether they tried to get us hard on purpose. They looked at me like I was an idiot.

"Of course," said S*******. "If I see a hot guy on the beach, I open my legs for him, and then I love it for him to stare at me and get a hardon. Then I give him a big smile. Erections are beautiful. I like looking at erections."

"True," said D*****. "I love giving guys an erection and looking at it. It makes me feel incredibly sexy. Sometimes I just have to look at his cock and smile. That's all it takes. It's like I have this power, and shooting out of my eyes are these invisible Erecto-Beams!" We all laughed, and I muttered something under my breath about "that damned yellow sun".

"Anyway, we'll introduce you to a couple of our friends, and we'll be sure to bring up the topic with each of them!"

"Oh great," I groaned theatrically. "THAT'S gonna help!"

But actually, I was starting to feel more at ease, and my cock resumed its "normal" attitude. Mostly. We had reached a playing field and they each took one of my hands and dragged me over to see two of their friends, one a cute girl-next-door type. A nude cute girl-next-door type. The other one wasn't very next-door-ish. Still cute though.

"So,' said S. "How do you make a guy erect at the nude beach?"

"Wasn't the topic actually..."

"Shhhh! Seeing a man with an erection is fun, and we like having fun!"

So much for my newfound fragile penile equilibrium. I started to twitch.

"Sometimes I wait til a cute guy is walking by and then I spread lotion on my breasts, slowly." said next-door girl (!), smiling at me and my rising penis. "Or I spread my legs just a bit, so he doesn't know if it is intentional or not. If he stops to talk to me, and isn't hard yet, usually all I have to do is bring up the issue of erections, and guess what? He gets erect! I love that, it's so hot!" She smiled at me again. She actually hadn't needed to bring up the issue.

The other one said, "And sometimes I'll spread my legs and open myself up with my fingers, act like I'm putting lotion on my pussy but open my lips so they can see inside. Lots of the guys around me get hard when I do that. Or I'll pretend to give a sort of public service announcement, and tell the guy that if he does get excited, he has to hide it, or risk getting thrown off the beach. Which is true, by the way! You should think about hiding that away somewhere." Right then, that was about all I was thinking about.

She then spread out a towel on the ground in a shady area, smoothing it while on her hand and knees, all the while smiling at me and my bobbing erection. "You'll like it in here," she said.
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Women Smiling at Your Erection at the Nude Beach

Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:13 pm

Teasing on nude beaches:

Quite a few women (at least 47) have posted similar sentiments on various forums:
"I think it is great if a guy gets hard looking at me or talking to me. I certainly am not insulted at all. In fact on a nude beach I make a game of it to see if I can get guys hard."

Very common on the net (too many to count, It's FUN out there!) scenario:
"Once in a while a woman will try to get me hard just to see if she can or to see what I look like with an erection. This year a woman was sitting on her towel and watched me go up the beach. On my way down the beach 20-30 minutes later, she was leaning on her elbows with her legs spread wide and looking me straight in the eye, wow what a rush. I got full on hard and was rewarded with a smile."

This scenario is very common. At least 4 similar comments have been posted on the net:
"I saw a young woman who was obviously trying to get guys hard, because she was lying on her back, knees up, legs spread wide, and playing with herself. I know I got hard watching her. She would lift up her head up every once in a while to see who was watching her. When she saw me with an erection, as I sat with my arms on my knees, facing her, she really made sure to give me a good view. Later, she got up, and walked by me to check out my hardon. She stood over me and gave me such a sexy smile that I nearly dropped my load right there. She went back to lying down and playing with herself and kept me hard until I had to leave for lunch. She smiled at me as I had to walk away with a huge boner waving in front of me."

11 similar postings are found in web archives:
"I spread my legs at nude beaches all the time. I love to apply sunblock between my legs when I know guys are looking at me. I do this very slowly and thoroughly to make sure they get a good view. Lots of fun for me. What's great is that the guys can't hide their erections and its amusing to see them try."

"Erections that are unwanted (by the guys!) happen a lot. And most ladies are no help lol. I've gone to the nude beach with girls that have caught guys looking, who have shifted a bit to spread open to give a better show lol. I know it has happened to me more than a few times. Then when they see you becoming erect, they always give you that knowing smirk. So embarrassing, and so hot, and so hard."

Another one, but a bit more explicit...
"If I'm not on my stomach, my legs are always open if I'm sitting or lying down nude on the beach. I used to pretend I was asleep so I could allow my legs to fall open, but now I'm very direct: if I'm on my blanket I'll lean back on my elbows and spread my legs wide. I like to put on a show: Adjusting my towel, I'll stand, bend over to let my full boobs sway, and kneel on all fours to expose my rear assets. I take my time with the lotion: I'll slowly rub cream onto my thighs, then my inner thighs, then stand and bend over to do my pussy - I'll go to my knees, rub it teasingly over my boobs, jiggling them a lot, now the nipples, just brushing them with my fingertips... Then I'll sit, spread my legs and rub more lotion around my pussy, parting the lips, letting them see inside. Then I lay back, spread my legs, and smile, knowing I've put on a great show. All the guys around me will be super erect now. The only thing they will be thinking about is how great it would feel to have me riding them, their hard cocks inside me. And sometimes I let them!"

Seems like both men and women are happy to serve each others' needs! There are at least 36 similar postings on the (English language) websites:
"...a young woman (mid-twenties) came and lay down fairly close too me, about 16 feet away. She undressed and lay down with her feet towards me. At one point while applying sunscreen she had to open up her legs. When she noticed I was looking she spread her legs further and took a while rubbing in the cream. That got me so hard! She continued to tease me until I couldn't take it any longer and had to grab my dick and start masturbating. She grinned from ear to ear as I stroked and laughed in delight as I spurted for her!"

"I went to a nude beach in **** *****. I set up in a secluded area bounded by three large rock outcroppings and the ocean. I noticed a guy lying down closeby. He saw me looking at him and started to chub up. I bent over, taking my time, giving him a nice view of my ass and shaven pussy, pretending to get something out of my bag and then walked past him. At that point his dick was pointing skyward and he was masturbating. When I got back to my blanket, I got on all fours and looked at him over my shoulder, smiling. I parted my pussy lips and winked at him. I think we were both surprised when he started to cum! I felt so sexy!"

And another:
"I had a girl come set up about 12 feet away. She glanced at me as she undressed and adjusted her kit. She smoothed down the corners of her towel with little pats of her hands whilst crawling on all fours, with her gorgeous rear in the air. She was smiling, but not yet looking at me, but obviously she knew the effect she was having on me. Then she propped herself up, facing me with her legs spread, smiling and looking at me. Instant hard-on with pre-cum! I went to throw a towel on it, but she made a pouty face so I pulled it off. Then she formed her hand into a sort of open fist and pumped it up and down, an unmistakeable "Jerk-Off" signal. Nobody else was around, so what the hell! As I stroked she licked her lips and stared at me with half closed eyes and I could see the glint of her wet pussy. She gave me a gentle smile, and I fantasized that she was saying stuff like, "Ooooh, you have so much cum in there, just waiting to get up in my pussy. Just imagine how great it would feel to be going in and out of me..." Actually, all she said was, " Ooooh... " and the shape of her lips as she said that was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen... The pressure inside my balls was becoming unbearable - and then she opened up her pussy lips with her fingertips and grinned as I shot and shot great gouts of sperm onto the sand."
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Women Smiling at Your Erection at the Nude Beach

Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:15 pm

Nude Beaches, Teasing, Inconvenient Erections = Hotness

"I love giving men hard ons. Smiling, spreading, even undressing, it all works for me! I enjoy seeing them look a little embarrassed. I love talking to them at nude beaches and glancing at their erect cocks while smiling, just to make it twitch and stiffen even more, it's so hot!"

"Anyone who says that nude beaches are not sexy is missing the whole point! When a woman gives me a certain naughty smile, and spreads her legs in just the right (or wrong!) way, I get an insta-boner! The fact that I KNOW she is willing me to get hard, and the exposure of being nude levitates my dick. Yeah, it's embarrassing, but so sexy."

"At nude beaches there always seem to be lots of men around me with erections. Maybe it's because I am doing my best to expose as much of my pussy as possible? I always hope that they are wondering how it would feel to slide their erect penises into me. Judging by the evidence, a lot of them are having a hard time NOT thinking about it..."

"I was walking by a woman who was sitting in a group of her friends with her legs just spread enough so that I couldn't tell if it was intentional or not. Then she smiled at me and spread just a little wider! At that point I felt a sudden need to retie my shoe lace. Oddly enough, this did not fool her! She grinned (and spread!) even wider, and said, "It's OK. It'll go down if you just try not to think of how great it would feel to slide your erection into my soft, warm wetness...!" I gave her a mock offended look and then we all laughed. 'Course, I was hard as a rock by then, and pretty embarrassed too..."

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Women Smiling at Your Erection at the Nude Beach

Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:16 pm

More Teasing at the Nude Beach

Frank in W**** R*** wrote:
"The nude beach! It's a paradox. You want to look at all the hot women, and your eyes are just magnetically drawn between their legs! But at the same time you don't want to look, because if you do... well, you know... To me, it's obvious that many women want to get us hard, and knowing this "fact" means that a g**d*** breeze is enough to make me spring wood. So given the slightest smile, and the most minimal parting of legs, I instantly gain membership in the species Homo Erectus. The merest hint that they're enjoying my discomfort gets and keeps me helplessly hard. It's kind of unfair. I like it!"

Sylvie in V******** wrote:
"Some women want to give the really hung guys at the nude beach an erection. Me, I like to concentrate on the average to smaller guys. They fit better in my vagina anyway, and most of them are very horny, and they REALLY don't want to get hard in public. Perfect combination! On the one hand they want to see my pussy, which, by the way, I make sure I am exposing as much of as possible, and on the other hand, they are afraid of becoming erect.

It's a timing thing. The guys want to check us out, but at the same time they know if they look too long that a problem may arise, LOL. So they walk by and flash you a quick, almost subliminal glance - and RIGHT at that point I fan out my legs (motion catches the eye), and send out a faint "knowing" smile, glancing down at their dick. That usually seals the deal. Well, that and the fact that I am also lightly stroking my inner thighs "that way" pretending to apply lotion, and also parting my pussy lips...
I laugh to myself as even if they keep walking on, they usually start becoming erect within about 10 paces. A good many of them, realizing that they are doomed, stop to talk, getting harder and harder... They know that they might as well stop fighting their rising excitement and enjoy the sight of my shaved pussy because an erection is unavoidable, it's so HOT!
My goal at this point is to keep them hard. I let them know that I like seeing them naked and hard. Sometimes I'll insert a finger into my pussy, then lick it, while looking them right in the eye. I know I'm a Cock-Teaser. I love it when it's time for them to go, and they have to walk away with an undefeatable boner! I have seen some of them go a few metres and then angle off into the bushes. I wonder what they do then, LOL."
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Women Smiling at Your Erection at the Nude Beach

Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:18 pm

Absolutely incredible pics, sorry but waaaaay too much reading for me!
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Women Smiling at Your Erection at the Nude Beach

Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:20 pm

I feel the opposite. I hardly glance at the pictures - but love the text! keep up the great GREAT!!! work
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Women Smiling at Your Erection at the Nude Beach

Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:21 pm

Hi, Redwing. After I read your post, I went back and re-edited it to break up the wall of text with the pictures, also changing their order slightly to suit the story. Hope this makes it easier to digest.

Hi, Ninjafez, thanks for your feedback! The idea is to make the story a turn on, so glad to see it is effective. I think that it is easier to write this way because I don't have to type in long descriptions of the women. I just plug in semi-appropriate pictures to illustrate the text. Still, I hope the pictures are hot too.

By the way, some of these anecdotes are adapted from actual postings, sometimes slightly embellished by me, sometimes hardly at all. Women really do delight in giving us erections, and the more inappropriate and embarrassing, the better! I think it's also a bit of a fetish of mine.

There was a girl in my Geography class who, I swear would cross her legs in just the right way about 3 minutes before the end of the period! The number of times I would have to walk between classes hunched over with a hard on! And I was pretty sure she knew and liked doing it to me. I still think about her at certain times..

Plus the last story is straight from the lips of a friend of mine (formerly with benefits! and name changed to protect the "innocent"). We met on the nude beach, in V*********, maybe I'll tell it some day. I'm average in size, btw, not that any of you on this forum should care!
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